Wednesday, May 23, 2012

UTGP 2012

Click on image for web album of our artists in tiArts spring tour

Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Day To Take In Up The Garden Path

Come on out and see some of the fantastic new artists we have with us this year!  10 am to 5 pm today.
John and Carole Bandurchin Pottery

Muriel Duval Lampwork

Terry Schaub Stone

Wendy White Glass

Brian Schofield Wood

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Up The Garden Path

20th Annual "Up The Garden Path" artists studio tour and sale this weekend!

Come on out and visit us Sat through Mon this weekend from 10 am to 4 pm.  We have condensed the tour to take in a smaller geographical area.  Save gas and time and still get to see spectacular new creations from 21 artists.  The tour is situated in and around Rockport this year.

Here is a sample of some of my (Radically Riley) new jewellery creations:

Visit the TIArts website to download a brochure:

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Polar Bear Workshop

Instructed by Wendo! A great day for Bears!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Soapstone Carving Workshop with John Sabourin June 19th

These tired puppies are going home! Jane did a howling wolf, awesome!
Cleanup time!
Mary Beckstead's Eagle head taking shape! Mary had to start over with a new piece of stone after she hit some granular stuff in the middle of the first piece she started.
That man has talent! Fabulous job Dave!

Mitch's bear - none too shabby for a beginner Mitch; Way to go girl!
Danyet's bear is going to be awesome! Hope she sends us some pics when its finished!John giving pointers to Mitch...
Dave wet sanding his beautiful bird
Mary's eagle taking form...
Marnie's silly wee turtle
John Ladd is making a matched pair of Wizard Book Ends!
Jean is making a tree
Jane Spence having a laugh - this workshop was a Blast!
Siobhan's reversible carving - Bear Side
Reversible carving - Raven Side. I think Siobhan has found her true calling! Great piece Siobhan!
Mitch's bear is shaping up!
John's just chippin' away!
Danyets's Polar Bear
John & Danyet - Rick [its gonna rain!] Dunn hard at work!
Its a dirty job....John Sabourin helping Danyet who drove all the way from Brantford for the day!
Lots of tools in use!

Soapstone Carving Workshop with John Sabourin June 19th

John Ladd, Siobhan Brodowski and Jean MarrJean Marr
Jean Marr, John Ladd and Jane Spence

Mitch Berndt, Dave Francis and Mary Beckstead hiding behind Mitch

Danyet Cunningham and Rick DunnDave Francis
John Sabourin explaining the process

Mallory Coach House Gallery